The project of San Francisco multi-instrumentalist Jesse Cafiero, Split Screens' music has always seemed to exist within its own, slow-moving world. Sculpting a place where elegant vocals meet gentle swathes of rich instrumentation, his creations always feels undeniably widescreen; a vivid projection of the cracks found between our own surroundings and those we imagine. Much like the collage art pieces he also produces, Cafiero crafts pop songs that feel like a meeting of disparate worlds; sonic landscapes that take in the old and the new, the rough and the smooth.


2012's self-titled EP was a wistful kick-starting of the Split Screens project, housing five introspective compositions that offered a heartening deviation from the hurried rush of the day. A far more fleshed-out affair, debut full-length 'Before The Storm' added a muscular backbone to Cafiero's skeletal frameworks, with far sturdier layers of percussion, brass, and even a sitar, resulting in a truly distinctive record - and one that would gain far wider recognition when the gorgeous haze of 'Close Of Your Eyes' was picked-up by hit TV show 'Bones'. 

With this body of work behind him, Cafiero continues to look forward, finishing 2015 with a local residency and an upcoming west coast tour. The progression, again, is there for all to see, with the new songs sounding resoundingly alive; the kind of emotive, resonant pop songs that usually spill from far more seasoned artists. With his artwork becoming more ingrained within his musical creations and a live show based around varying sound-bites and samples, Cafiero's craft is quickly becoming as impressively far-reaching as the landscapes that so inspire him.